Global supplier of advanced semiconductor chemistries.

Chemistries and Technical Services

At Moses Lake Industries (MLI), we develop and manufacture high-quality, leading-edge chemistries, while providing superior customer service and strengthening our team and communities for future generations.

MLI isn’t just a manufacturing company; we’re also a hub of innovation, with multiple R&D labs staffed with industry-leading experts. We partner with our customers every day to create next generation solutions, just like we’ve been doing for the most important semiconductor companies in the world since 1984.

The best people, values, products, and services in the world.

Our founder’s vision was to create an enduring enterprise for future generations, and we carry on that legacy by investing in our people’s development, our community’s success, and the health of our shared environment.

Global Reach

MLI offers localized manufacturing, technical support, R&D services, and distribution